Retrograde endoureterotomy as a treatment option for impacted calculus in the ureterointestinal junction.

In patients with a history of radical cystectomy and with intestinal diversion, urolithiasis in the upper urinary tract is a frequent event.

We describe for the first time a case of retrograde endoureterotomy used to treat a calculus proximal to the ureterointestinal junction.

This technique is of interest when antegrade access is not possible. In our example, after passing the guidewire percutaneously, and externalize it through the stoma, the left meatus was reached with a resectoscope inserted through the ileal duct. After the use of a balloon to prevent migration of the calculus, a retrograde endoureterotomy was performed with a Collins knife and the stone removed. The patient's progress was satisfactory.

Endoscopic management of calculi in patients with intestinal diversion can be performed with different approaches. We recommend retrograde endoureterotomy as a feasible treatment option for the removal of impacted calculi at the ureterointestinal junction.

Urologia. 2021 Sep 14 [Epub ahead of print]

Jorge Panach-Navarrete, María Negueroles-García, José María Martínez-Jabaloyas

Department of Urology, University Clinic Hospital of Valencia; INCLIVA, Institute for Health Research; Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, University of Valencia, Valencia, Spain.

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