Editorial and Advertising Guidelines

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UroToday® connects global clinicians, interested in the specialty of urology, to one of the most extensive urological disease news and information archives available in one site. The site is committed to delivering the information healthcare professionals need to save time and stay up-to-date on emerging evidence that supports clinical practice decisions towards improving patient outcomes.

As an independent urological information services company, UroToday adheres to the highest standards of integrity in medical communications in its production and distribution of published information services.  The content is comprised of unbiased urological health news and information written by practicing healthcare providers.

Editorial Guidelines

The editorial mission is to provide accurate, timely, unbiased and evidence-based information about urological diseases and treatments. All editorial content is produced independently and without influence of advertisers or commercial supporters. The editorial team reserves the right to reject any advertising campaign or promotion it deems misleading or controversial. Physician reviewers are not provided information about advertisers or commercial supporters of the information they review. Original content contains writer bylines, and members of the editorial team are charged with reporting any conflicts of interest in all content. All articles are reviewed and approved by the editorial team of urologists.

Advertising Guidelines

Paid advertisements are clearly labeled as such to distinguish them from editorial content. Display of an advertisement does not imply an endorsement of such product, nor does it imply that UroToday performed due diligence on such products. Pharmaceutical and device advertisements must comply with US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations as well as regulations and laws in the localities in which they are viewed. Continuing Medical Education (CME) articles and  CME posttests, as displayed on a single computer screen, appear ad-free when viewed by a clinician - in compliance with Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) guidelines. Banner and similar ads may immediately redirect users from UroToday's content and website to content and websites that are independent of UroToday and are not controlled by or necessarily reflect UroToday's policies regarding editorial independence, advertising, privacy, or any other policy. While UroToday may agree to develop and write content funded by a separate entity, any commercially supported content is clearly labeled. Its editorial team continues to maintain editorial independence and control when producing and publishing any commercially supported content.

Questions about UroToday’s editorial and advertising policies should be directed to .

UroToday will continually update its Editorial and Advertising Guidelines to reflect ongoing policy changes.