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HER3, Part of a Family of Targets, for Patients with Prostate Cancer and Other Genitourinary Malignancies

Evan Y. Yu
September 01, 2023

Like HER2, HER3 is a receptor tyrosine kinase that plays a key role in cell growth and survival signaling pathways. Together, along with epidermal growth factor receptor, EGFR (HER1), and HER4, they make up the EGFR family. These are all well-known targets for diseases like lung and colon cancer with EGFR, and breast and gastric cancer with HER2. In earlier articles, I’ve mentioned how important HER2 might be for urothelial bladder cancer.1,2 Similarly, HER3 has a significant role in disease progression and treatment resistance of multiple genitourinary cancers, particularly prostate cancer.3 As a result, targeting HER3 may be a fruitful therapeutic strategy.


Dr. Evan Yu, MD

Evan Y. Yu, MD

Evan Yu, a medical oncologist, treats prostate, bladder, and testicular cancer and is passionate about providing a personalized medical approach to a selection of novel therapies as well as understanding biological mechanisms of drug sensitivity and resistance.

Clinical Expertise

Medical Oncology, Translational Research, Novel molecular targeted agents, Biomarkers, Imaging (PET scans, MRI), Bone health.

  • Section Head, Cancer Medicine, Clinical Research Division Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center
  • Medical Director, Clinical Research Support Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Consortium
  • Professor of Medicine Division of Oncology, Department of Medicine University of Washington School of Medicine Seattle, WA
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