Predictors of Urinary Infections and Urosepsis After Ureteroscopy for Stone Disease: a Systematic Review from EAU Section of Urolithiasis (EULIS).

To present the latest evidence related to the predictors of urinary tract infections (UTIs) and urosepsis after ureteroscopy (URS) for stone disease.

Our review suggests that almost half of all post-URS complications are related to infectious complications although reported rates of urosepsis were low. The use of antibiotic prophylaxis, treatment of pre-operative UTI, and low procedural time seem to reduce this risk. However, the risk is higher in patients with higher Charlson comorbidity index, elderly patients, female gender, long duration of pre-procedural indwelling ureteric stents and patients with a neurogenic bladder and with high BMI. Infectious complications following ureteroscopy can be a source of morbidity and potential mortality. Although majority of these are minor, efforts must be taken to minimise them especially in high-risk patients. This includes the use of prophylactic antibiotics, limiting stent dwell and procedural time, prompt identification and treatment of UTI and urosepsis, and careful planning in patients with large stone burden and multiple comorbidities.

Current urology reports. 2020 Mar 24*** epublish ***

Shreya Chugh, Amelia Pietropaolo, Emanuele Montanari, Kemal Sarica, Bhaskar K Somani

University Hospital Southampton NHS Trust, Southampton, UK., Department of Urology, Fondazione Ca'Granda Ospedale Maggiore Policlinico di Milano, Università degli Studi di Milano, Milan, Italy., Department of Urology, Biruni University Medical School, Istanbul, Turkey., University Hospital Southampton NHS Trust, Southampton, UK. .