Research Findings on Kidney Stone Disease

Urolithiasis or kidney stone disease is a common and costly health problem in the United States. A New England Journal of Medicine published study estimated that the disorder resulted in 1.32 million patient visits in the mid 1990s and $1.83 million in health care costs. Thus, the appropriate evaluation and successful medical management of kidney stone disease can be an important factor in reducing patient morbidity and controlling health care expenditures.

Included in this kidney stone disease information resource packet for journalists are published research findings on stone diseases- many of them in the form of article reprints from peer-reviewed journals. These articles include information on the etiology of stones, the diagnosis of urolithiasis, treatment options, and medical management strategies to prevent recurrence.

Also included in this packet is a copy of the recently updated "ABCs of Medical Management of Stones", a popular Mission Pharmacal produced publication that provides medical professionals with a step-by-step approach to addressing kidney stone disease. The information in this booklet also can help medical reporters with their understanding of this serious health problem.

Mission would also like to call your attention to several important abstracts being presented during the AUA Annual Meeting. They include:

Contact: Bill Glitz, Media Relations

Source: Mission Pharmacal

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