Guy's Stone Score as a Predictor for Stone-Free Rate and Complications in Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy: A Single-Center Report from a Stone Belt Country.

To evaluate Guy's Stone Score (GSS) as a grading system for the complexity of renal calculi before percutaneous nephrolithotomy (PCNL) and as a predictor for stone-free rate (SFR) and potential complications in the setting of a developing country with many cases of advanced complex stone disease.

We performed a prospective study on 115 patients with renal stones who had PCNL between August 2017 and October 2018. Stone complexity was classified according to GSS using preoperative imaging. The rates of perioperative complications were assessed using the Clavien grading system, and the SFR was assessed in the 3rd postoperative week by abdominal X-ray and renal ultrasound. The χ2 and one-way ANOVA tests were used for statistical analysis. A p value ≤0.05 was considered significant.

The study included 115 patients (77 males) with a mean age of 50.2 (±13.3) years. Cases were classified according to GSS into 4 grades; there were 24 (20.9%) grade I, 48 (41.7%) grade II, 25 (21.7%) grade III, and 18 (15.7%) grade IV cases. There was a significant inverse correlation between GSS grade and SFR (p < 0.001). The rate of complications using the Clavien grading system were significantly higher in GSS grades III and IV (p = 0.002). So were the rates of blood transfusion, the need for >1 access tract, and the duration of hospitalization.

GSS is a simple and easily reproducible system to classify the complexity of renal stones. In our setting, it also proved an excellent tool to predict SFR, perioperative complications, and associated ancillary procedures. Ultimately, it can help surgeons and, above all, patients to make a more informed decision about their surgery.

Urologia internationalis. 2020 Jun 02 [Epub ahead of print]

Aso Omer Rashid, Huthiem Khalid, Goran Friad, Reebeen Yosif Hamed, Noor Buchholz

Medical College, Sulaimany University, Sulaimany, Iraq, ., Department of Urology, Sulaimany University Hospital, Sulaimany, Iraq., Department of Urology, Shar Teaching Hospital, Sulaimany, Iraq., Department of Urology, Sulaimany Teaching Hospital, Sulaimany, Iraq., U-merge Ltd., London, United Kingdom.