Multiple renal calculi due to hypercalcaemia induced by over-the-counter vitamin D intoxication

Renal stone disease is a common and painful condition. Even though it is rarely fatal, patients describe it as the worst pain in their life. While dietary calcium may decrease the risk of stone formation, patients on supplemental calcium are at higher risk. Moreover, patients with diabetes are more prone to develop renal calculi. Hypervitaminosis D is a rare cause of hypercalcaemia. This is a case of an elderly diabetic man who developed multiple calcium oxalate renal stones due to hypercalcaemia following calcium-vitamin D supplementation.

BMJ case reports. 2018 Aug 20*** epublish ***

Robin George Manappallil, Sudhin Shylendran, Aryasree Kakkattil, Archana Della Thomas

Internal Medicine, Baby Memorial Hospital, Calicut, Kerala, India., Radiology, Baby Memorial Hospital, Calicut, Kerala, India.