Association Between Complete Blood Count Parameters and Urinary Stone Disease

Complete blood count (CBC) parameters may associated with multiple diseases. Urinary stone disease is common public problem. Predictive value of CBC parameters may be associated with urinary stone disease.

To analyze the association between complete blood count (CBC) parameters and urinary stone disease.

This study was a retrospective observational study of 3,099 patients who were admitted to the urology outpatient clinic or diagnosed with urinary stone disease in the emergency services department. There were 353 patients included in the study that had ultrasonography (USG) and/or non-contrast computerized tomography (NCCT) and a CBC. Patients who had non-urinary system inflammatory disease in USG or NCCT, had fever, non-urinary system infection, anemia or diagnosed hematologic malignancy were excluded (n = 27). Patients were divided into two groups: a stone group (n = 74) and a control group (n = 252). Data of patients were retrieved from the hospital database and statistical analysis was performed.

An increase in RDW, MPV, PDW, WBC, granulocyte percentage and a decrease in lymphocyte percentage is statistically associated with urinary stone disease (P < 0,001, P < 0.001, P = 0.006, P < 0.001, P = 0.003, P = 0.034, respectively). Microscopic hematuria is associated with urinary stone disease and the odds ratio for urinary stone prediction is 67.7 (P < 0.001). In addition, none of the CBC parameters were associated with stone burden.

When evaluating flank pain in patients, it is important to remember that CBC parameters may support urinary stone disease, and considering CBC results may be useful in the diagnosis of urinary stone disease.

Iranian Red Crescent medical journal. 2016 May 21*** epublish ***

Ozay Demiray, Erdem Cevik, Ferhat Cuce

Department of Urology, Van Military Hospital, Van Askeri Hastanesi, Altintepe, Van, Turkey., Department of Emergency Medicine, Van, Military Hospital, Van Askeri Hastanesi, Altintepe, Van, Turkey., Department of Radiology, Van Military Hospital, Van Askeri Hastanesi, Altintepe, Van, Turkey.