Identification and Cost of Disposable Endourological Devices for Nephrolithiasis: A Cross-Sectional Study Among Urological Trainees

Knowledge on health economics among urology trainees is not formally assessed. The cost of commonly utilised endourological devices may not be considered by trainees.

The present study was conducted with the aim to assess whether urology trainees were knowledgeable on identification and cost of commonly used disposable devices in the management of nephrolithiasis.

Forty urology trainees in Ireland were invited to complete a visual online questionnaire on the identification of 10 frequently utilised disposable endourological devices. In addition, trainees were requested to estimate the cost of 12 disposable endourological devices. Responses were stratified according to trainee grade and urological subspecialty of interest. Data are presented as a mean ± standard deviation.

The response rate was 70% (28/40). Endourology was the subspecialty of interest in 21% (n= 6). No trainee correctly identified all 10 endourological devices and the mean test score was 5.32 ± 2.28. No trainee accurately estimated the cost for all 12 devices assessed. The cost of endourological devices was underestimated by €67.13 ± €60.76 per device. A total of 54% (n=15) of trainees underestimated the total cost of disposable devices used during standard flexible ureterorenoscopy, laser lithotripsy and JJ stent insertion by €303.66 ± €113.83.

Our findings indicate deficiencies in trainee knowledge on endourological devices and their associated costs. Incorporating a health economics module into postgraduate urology training may familiarise trainees with healthcare expenditure within their departments.

Journal of clinical and diagnostic research : JCDR. 2016 Jan 01 [Epub]

Eoin D Mac Craith, Niall F Davis, Cliodhna Browne, David J Galvin, David M Quinlan, Gerald M Lennon, David W Mulvin

Resident, Department of Urology, St. Vincent's University Hospital , Dublin, Dublin 4, Ireland ., Consultant Urologist, Department of Urology, St. Vincent's University Hospital , Dublin, Dublin 4, Ireland .