Center for Urinary Stone Disease

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Epidemiology and Economics of Stone Disease
Section Chair: Gary Curhan, MD, ScD
Evaluation of the Stone Former
Section Chair: Dean G. Assimos, MD
Medical Management
Section Chair: Margaret S. Pearle, MD
Stone Technology - ESWL and Intracorperoreal Lithotripsy
Section Chair: James E. Lingeman, MD
Management of Renal Calculi - WHO Consensus Meeting
Section Chair: Jean de la Rosette, MD
Management of Ureteral Calculi
Section Chair: Hans Goran Tiselius, MD, PhD
Pediatric Stone Disease and Stones in Pregnancy
Section Chair: Hassan Razvi, MD, FRCSC
Bladder Stones
Section Chair: Michael Wong, MD
  • Chair
    John Denstedt, MD
  • Co-Chairs
    Glenn Preminger, MD
    Hans-Goran Tiselius, MD
    Michael Wong, MD
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