CUA 2018: Development and Validation of a 3D-Printed Bladder Model to Simulate Laparoscopic Urethrovesical Anastomosis for Radical Prostatectomy Training

Halifax, Nova Scotia ( The traditionally accepted form of surgical training is direct supervision by an expert, however modern trends in surgery have made this progressively more difficult to achieve. A 3-dimensional (3D) printer makes it possible to convert a patient’s imaging data into accurate models, thus allowing the possibility to reproduce models with pathology and allowing trainees to “practice” surgical skills on these models.

CUA 2018: Development and Initial Validation of a Low-Cost Ultrasound-Compatible Suprapubic Catheter Insertion Training Simulator

Halifax, Nova Scotia ( Yuding Wang, MD, and colleagues from McMaster University presented their initial results of an ultrasound compatible suprapubic catheter insertion training simulator at the CUA 2018 annual meeting. Patient’s may require an urgent suprapubic catheter for urinary retention from several etiologies, and bedside suprapubic catheterization is a fundamental skill required of all urology trainees. Ultrasound guidance during bedside suprapubic catheterization insertion can minimize complications, and its use is recommended in clinical practice guidelines1.

CUA 2018: What Family Doctors Think of You: Use of an eConsult Service for Physician-Generated Feedback to Urologists

Halifax, Nova Scotia ( Feedback, using questionnaire-based information from patients, co-workers, and medical colleagues, is designed to provide broad-based communication about clinical performance and to facilitate professional development. However, opportunities for physician feedback are limited and often focus on standardized performance reviews.

CUA 2018: Spinal Anesthesia is Associated with Lower Recurrence Rates after Resection of Non-Muscle-Invasive Bladder Cancer

Halifax, Nova Scotia (  There has been some published evidence that spinal anaesthesia (SA) may improve oncological outcomes by minimizing use of volatile anesthetics and opioids, which could potentially increase immunosuppression and promote tumor seeding, when compared to general anaesthesia (GA). 

CUA 2018: Canadian Interprovincial Urological Economic Disparity

Halifax, Nova Scotia ( Despite a publicly funded, single-payer health system in Canada, there is significant interprovincial economic disparity in remuneration for urological services. At today’s CUA 2018 annual meeting, Dr. Nazif and colleagues presented results of their nationwide assessment, with the objective of the study to determine interprovincial economic disparity in remuneration for urologic services.

CUA 2018: Resident-Run Urology Clinics: A Potential Tool for Use in Competency-Based Medical Education for Teaching and Assessing Transition-to-Practice Skills

Halifax, Nova Scotia ( In a competency-based approach to resident education, a component of training should focus on skills needed for the transition from residency to independent practice.

CUA 2018: Trends and Disparities in the Use of Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy for Muscle-Invasive Urothelial Carcinoma

Halifax, Nova Scotia ( Neoadjuvant chemotherapy (NAC) prior to radical cystectomy is considered the standard of care for patients with muscle-invasive urothelial carcinoma (MIBC). However, widespread adoption of this standard of care has historically been low, although in recent years there is an increase in the use of NAC. The authors of this study examined whether the use of NAC has continued to increase with time and what factors are associated with the receipt of NAC.

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