CUA 2018: Validation of Real-time, Intraoperative, Surgical Competence Assessments Linked to Clinically Relevant Patient Outcomes: A Model of Competency Assessment in Urology

Halifax, Nova Scotia ( Despite significant progress in the objective evaluation of technical skill in the simulation skills lab, intraoperative assessment of surgical proficiency remains largely subjective and invalidated. For the graduating urology resident, there are objective assessments of knowledge, provided by licensing exams from the American Board of Urology or the Royal College of Physicians & Surgeons of Canada, with subjective assessment of technical skill based on opinions of the surgical faculty. For the experienced surgeon, knowledge may be based on continuing medical education credits, with limited, if any, assessment of technical skill. The linkage between objective evaluations of intraoperative surgical competence and real patient outcomes have rarely (if ever) been systematically reported.

CUA 2018: State-of-the-Art Lecture: The Opioid Epidemic and Sexual Dysfunction: Current Challenges and a Future Roadmap for the Practicing Clinician

Halifax, Nova Scotia ( Hossein Sadeghi-Nejad, MD from Rutgers University, gave an extremely important lecture on the reality of North America’s opioid epidemic. He began by instructing the audience that as clinical practitioners, every physician has an innate responsibility to attempt to do a patient right. Very often as it seems, pain medications can easily be misused which lead to much more dangerous and deadly drugs.

CUA 2018: Are Lead Glasses Necessary? A Prospective, Multicentre Cohort Study on Radiation Exposure to the Operator’s Eyes During Urological Surgery

Halifax, Nova Scotia ( Through several urologic surgeries, there is a very high demand for fluoroscopy during the procedure. Though it is invaluable in identifying anatomical structures in real time, this aberrant ionizing radiation could cause significant detriment to the surgeon, particularly in their eyes. It has been shown that lens radiation is sufficient to cause cataracts. Additionally, few urologists use X-ray protective eyewear and the risk to urologists is incompletely known.

CUA 2018: Canadian Urology Workforce Study — The Graduating Cohort of 2014–2016

Halifax, Nova Scotia ( For many years, and across many surgical specialties, there has been the perception among medical students, residents, and in fact the general public that it is difficult for newly trained surgeons to find employment in Canada. This has led some to conclude that residency programs are training too many surgical residents. Urology is not immune to these perceptions.

CUA 2018: What Family Doctors Think of You: Use of an eConsult Service for Physician-Generated Feedback to Urologists

Halifax, Nova Scotia ( Feedback, using questionnaire-based information from patients, co-workers, and medical colleagues, is designed to provide broad-based communication about clinical performance and to facilitate professional development. However, opportunities for physician feedback are limited and often focus on standardized performance reviews.

CUA 2018: Canadian Interprovincial Urological Economic Disparity

Halifax, Nova Scotia ( Despite a publicly funded, single-payer health system in Canada, there is significant interprovincial economic disparity in remuneration for urological services. At today’s CUA 2018 annual meeting, Dr. Nazif and colleagues presented results of their nationwide assessment, with the objective of the study to determine interprovincial economic disparity in remuneration for urologic services.

CUA 2018: Resident-Run Urology Clinics: A Potential Tool for Use in Competency-Based Medical Education for Teaching and Assessing Transition-to-Practice Skills

Halifax, Nova Scotia ( In a competency-based approach to resident education, a component of training should focus on skills needed for the transition from residency to independent practice.
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