AUA 2017: NHANES: Nearly Half of US Men Test Positive for HPV, Yet Vaccination Rates Lag and Recommendations Demur

Boston, MA ( In a recent nationwide sampling of the NHANES* database, almost half of men tested positive for human papilloma virus (HPV). Yet, only a small proportion of young men have received vaccination against HPV, a common sexually transmitted infection (STI) that can lead to genital warts and malignant disease. This underutilization exists despite its availability, a ‘permissive’ vaccination recommendation from the American Committee for Immunization Practices for boys aged 11 to 26 years, and a recently available vaccine against the 4 major strains of HPV.

AUA 2017: Convective Radiofrequency Water Vapor Energy Ablation (Rezum) Effectively Treats Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms Due to Benign Prostatic Enlargement Regardless of Obesity While Preserving Erectile and Ejaculatory Function

Boston, MA ( Benign prostatic enlargement is generally treated by minimally invasive surgical therapies such as MIST. According to the authors, MIST has limited adoption, high re-treatment rates, and restricted patient selection due to prostate size. Another therapy introduced in this study was radio frequency water vapor energy ablation (REZUM). This generates thermal energy the water vapor is distributed evenly within the tissues staying within the collagen barriers.

AUA 2017: Risk Factors For Erectile Dysfunction In A Population Based Cohort

Boston, MA ( Erectile dysfunction (ED) has been associated with multiple disease states and medications. However, few studies have evaluated these risk factors in a population-based model. Dr. Bailey presented a study seeking to evaluate risk factors for ED using a population-based database.

AUA 2017: Calculated Free T and T:E Ratio but not Total Testosterone and Estradiol Predict Low Libido

Boston, MA ( Libido is thought to be influenced by hormonal milieu, particularly testosterone. The knowledge about the role of estradiol in male sexual function has been found to be more important than originally thought. The estradiol cut-off point of 5 ng/dL in hypogonadal men is thought to directly affect libido. Dr. Gupta presented a study assessing the impact of sex hormones on libido specifically in a cardiac patient population.

AUA 2017: Prevalence of Hormonal Abnormalities in Young Men with Erectile Dysfunction

Boston, MA ( The risk of erectile dysfunction (ED) increases with age and typically occurs in middle and older aged men. Dr. Mazur presented a study on young men referred with ED with symptoms of low testosterone. The authors aimed to describe the hormonal profiles of young men with the chief complaint of ED, hypothesizing that the majority of young men with ED will have normal hormonal evaluations.

AUA 2017: Impact of Metabolic Syndrome on the Occurrence of Premature Ejaculation

Boston, MA ( There is a known association between erectile dysfunction and metabolic syndrome (MetS). There are a few reports describing the relationship between premature ejaculation (PE) and MetS. Dr. Jeh presented a study investigating the effect of MetS in the pathogenesis of ejaculatory symptoms, and the risk factors associated with PE.

AUA 2017: Survival Among Female Urethral Cancer Patients 2004-2013, a National Cancer Database Analysis

Boston, MA ( Urethral malignancy is a rare oncologic condition; as a result, research in this field often requires large multi-institutional databases, usually retrospective, to help identify patterns and trends in management.
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