SUO 2016: State-of-the-Art Lecture: Advances in Management in of Metastatic RCC - Session Highlights

San Antonio, Texas USA ( The management of metastatic renal cell carcinoma (RCC) has seen a rapid change in the over the last 2 years with the addition of several treatment options to the armamentarium available for the treatment advanced RCC. Most exciting has been the approval of PD1 immunotherapy (nivolumab) by the FDA as a second line treatment for patients with advance RCC. Recently several trials have been initiated which includes some of this novel treatments in the 1st line setting which may change the landscape of treatment of the disease.

SUO 2016: Panel on Surgical Management for Advanced Kidney Cancer: Controversies in Case Management - Session Highlights

San Antonio, Texas USA ( Moderated by Dr. Boorjian, this panel sought to explore challenges related to the surgical management of advanced kidney cancer. First, the panel addressed how best to approach patients with a venous tumor thrombus.

SUO 2016: Therapeutic Drug Trials and Targeted Therapies in Kidney Cancer: Q&A Session - Session Highlights

San Antonio, Texas USA ( Dr. Jonasch and Dr. Choueiri presented topics regarding the appropriate identification of tumor targets in aggressive and metastatic RCC. There have been impressive new gains in the field with the identification of PD1/PDL1 checkpoint inhibitors, but the overall response rate is still not as high as we would hope; indeed, more people don’t respond to therapy than do respond.

SUO 2016: Targeted Therapies and Personalized Medicine in Kidney Cancer - Session Highlights

San Antonio, Texas USA ( Renal cell carcinoma (RCC) is one of the most genetically understood malignancies starting with the identification of the VHL gene mutation in the early 90’s. This has led to several advances in the treatment of advance RCC with the introduction of VEGF and mTOR inhibitors. The current state of advance RCC treatment is based on the setting on which the drug was approved (1st line vs. 2nd line) and matching side effect profile with existing comorbidities. With new advances in gene profiling there is now the possibility to further the field by providing individualized treatment based on the tumor mutation profiles.

SUO 2016: Therapeutic drug trials in kidney cancer in the immune-oncology era: Update on Current Status and Rationale for Combination Trials - Session Highlights

San Antonio, Texas USA ( Immunotherapy and its application to advanced renal cell carcinoma (RCC) has begun to come of age over the past 2-3 years. Tumor cells (including renal cell carcinoma) are a lot like normal cells in that they have the ability to tell the immune system to “go away” using checkpoints.

SUO 2016: Competing trade-offs for kidney cancer surveillance - Session Highlights

San Antonio, Texas USA ( Tracey Krupski, University of Virginia, discussed surveillance for kidney cancer. The current AUA guidelines apply risk stratification to renal masses with varying follow-up.

SUO 2016: Genomic classification of non-clear cell kidney cancer and implications for clinical management - Session Highlights

San Antonio, Texas USA ( It is well known that no clear cell RCC comprise only a small portion of all RCC’s. Much data on the genomics of these tumors was obtained from the TCGA project. For example, papillary type 1 RCC is known to be associated with MET alterations while papillary type 2 is associated with NRF2-ARE and CDKN2A loss. Furthermore, it was shown that in sarcomatoid RCC CDKN2A alterations are associated with palbocicib sensitivity and NF2 alterations with everolimus sensitivity.
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