Treatment of Chronic Cystitis Using Intravesical Silics


Introduction and Objective: Treatment of chronic cystitis remains a significant problem in urology. While treating chronic cystitis we should perform intravesical instillations. Suspension of silics is interesting in this field. Silics–derivative of highly disperse silica–are the preparation with sorbtive properties registered in Ukraine. Silics wasn’t applied in urology earlier. Our study is aimed at the effectiveness and endurance estimation of silics application in patients with chronic cystitis in the acute stage.

Methods: Mean age of main group patients was 44 + 7.3 (range 34 to 56). Patients of comparison group with age from 34 to 58 years (mean age 45 + 6.9). 44 patients of main group diagnosed with chronic cystitis in acute stage. From the first day of therapy in this patients’ group the suspension of Silics was applied intravesically during 5 days. In comparison group of 44 patients with same diagnosis traditional treatment with intravesical collargol 2 to 3 % intravesically was administered. Both groups received antibacterial and antiphlogistic therapy according to activity of inflammatory process. Antibacterial therapy was exposed to correction after getting bacteriological urine investigation results. Effectiveness of therapy was evaluated with measurements of bladder volume, urination frequency and urine test estimations prior to treatment and 5 days after the start.

Results: In Silics patients bladder volume increased in 1.6 times (p < 0.05), urination frequency decreased by 2 times (p < 0.05), white blood cells in the field of vision in urine decreased by 4.3 (p < 0.001). Comparison group demonstrated following results with bladder volume increase in 1.4 (p < 0.05), urination frequency decrease by 1.3 (p > 0.05), white blood cells in the field of vision in urine decreased by 2.7 (p < 0.05) but didn’t reach normal level. Endurance of Silics in patients with chronic cystitis were estimated as good and very good in 41 (93,2 %) of patients and satisfying in 3 (6.8 %).

Conclusion: Intravesical application of 1 to 3 % Silics suspension in dose 20 ml during 5 days is effective tool in complex treatment of patients with chronic cystitis in acute stage. Intravesical application of 1 to 3% Silics suspension in patients with chronic cystitis in acute stage is safe what is proved by good and very good endurance in 93.2 % of patients. Gained results allow us to recomend intravesical application of Silics suspension for complex treatment of chronic cystitis.