Impacts of Latitude and Stampede: Urologist and Urologic Oncologist's Perspective

(Length of lecture ~ 36 minutes)

Alicia Morgans hosts a discussion with David Penson, Charles Ryan and Neal Shore regarding impacts of LATITUDE and STAMPEDE data from a urologist and urologic oncologists perspective, taking in to account the recently updated data from the CHAARTED trial.

Specifically, discussed was treating patients that have high-volume, aggressive metastatic prostate cancer that is hormone-senstivie with docetaxal, and the possiblity of giving patients abiraterone in addition to androgen deprivation therapy (ADT). Considerations noted during the conversation included the heterogenity of the patient, the stage of the disease, regional availability of the drugs, and cost as well as having an open discussion with the patient to outline the pros and cons of each treatment option based on the current disease state.

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Alicia Morgans

Charles Ryan 

Neal Shore

David Penson
Professor of Urologic Surgery and Medicine, Vanderbuilt University Medical Center
Nashville, TN