Prospective Study of Low-Dose Abiraterone with Food Versus Standard Dose Abiraterone in mCRPC - Russell Szmulewitz

May 8, 2018

(Length of Discussion: 21 min)

Russell Szmulewitz talks with Alicia Morgans about a trial that evaluated abiraterone with food and how that might affect relative patient outcomes, such as PSA.  This study sought to test the hypothesis that low-dose Abiraterone acetate (AA) (LOW; 250 mg with a low-fat meal) would have comparable activity to standard dosed AA (STD; 1,000 mg fasting) in patients with mCRPC.  The investigators hypothesized that the results would not be inferior to standard AA on a fasting regime and would be similar in changes of PSA. 

Alicia Morgans, MD, MPH

Russell Szmulewitz, MD Associate Director, Genitourinary Oncology Program; Assistant Professor of Medicine, University of Chicago Medical Center Russell Szmulewitz, MD, is an expert in the treatment and management of prostate, bladder, kidney, and testicular cancers. His clinical focus is on the treatment of patients with advanced prostate cancer, with particular expertise in the use of leading-edge hormonal, targeted, and immunotherapies. Dr. Szmulewitz works in close collaboration with urologists, radiation oncologists, and geriatricians who also specialize in the care of prostate cancer patients.

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