Primary testicular plasmocytoma: A five year follow-up - Abstract

The testicular plasmocytoma represents only 5% of the non-germinative cell testicular tumors, and accounts for only 2% of all plasma cell neoplasms.

Approximately, 50 cases of testicular plasmocytoma have been reported in medical literature; however, only 9 of these are isolated tumors without previous history or progression to multiple myeloma. A 47-year-old patient, presenting progressive and painless growth of the right testicle in the last four years, underwent surgical treatment in another hospital two years ago, to correct a hydrocele in the same testicle with no improvement at all. Sonography showed a tumor with the following measurements for the right testicle: 84 × 59 × 80 mm. The tumor marker values were all normal. An abdominal computed tomography found no evidence of retroperitoneal lymph nodes invasion. The patient underwent a right radical orchiectomy. Pathologic analysis revealed a malignant neoplasia described as a plasmocytoma (solitary myeloma) that produces immunoglobulin's kappa light chain. After five years of follow-up, there were no signs of metastasis or local recurrence in the exams. Case report and review of literature have been presented here.

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Filho MG.   Are you the author?
Grajaú Hospital Urological Clinic, Grajaú Hospital, Rua Francisco Otávio Pacca, 180, Grajaú, São Paulo, SP, Brazil.

Reference: Urol Ann. 2013 Jan;5(1):39-41.
doi: 10.4103/0974-7796.106965

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PMID: 23662009 Testicular Cancer Section