Testicular cancer with inguinal lymph node metastasis in a patient with prior orchiopexy for undescended testis: A case report - Abstract

A 36-year-old man referred to our hospital with the chief complaint of painful left inguinal mass and fever.

He had undergone left orchiopexy for undescended testis at 10 years of age. With the suspicion of an incarceration of inguinal hernia, an operation was performed. However, there was no hernia sac, and only swelling inguinal lymph nodes were found. Pathological diagnosis of the nodes was metastatic embryonal carcinoma, with suspicion of testicular origin. As scrotal ultrasonography revealed a hypoehcoic mass within the left atrophic testis, left high orchiectomy was performed. Pathological diagnosis of the left testicular mass was seminoma. A definite diagnosis was left testicular cancer, mixed type of seminoma and embryonal carcinoma, with inguinal nodes metastasis, pT1N2M0. He received 3 courses of bleomycin, etoposide, and cisplatin (BEP) chemotherapy, and there has been no sign of metastasis nor recurrence 18 months after the operation. To our knowledge, this is the 11th case in Japan of testicular cancer with inguinal node metastasis in a patient with prior orchiopexy for undescended testis.

Written by:
Minato N, Yamaguchi Y, Koga M, Sugao H, Hoshi M, Mori H. Are you the author?
The Department of Urology, Minoh City Hospital.

Reference: Hinyokika Kiyo. 2011 Nov;57(11):643-7.

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PMID: 22166830

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