Testosterone and prostate - Abstract

Age related testosterone deficiency syndrome may occur with other diseases of the elderly men, as prostate diseases. The relationship between testosterone and prostate has been widely studied the last 10 years, with the increased use of testosterone replacement therapy. The traditional belief that testosterone administration causes prostate cancer growth has been challenged by recent studies. To date, nothing has been found to support the evidence that restoring testosterone levels within physiological range increases the incidence of prostate cancer in hypogonadic patients. In these patients, testosterone replacement therapy does not seem to worsen lower urinary tract symptoms.


Written by:
Vaucher L, Paduch DA, Jichlinski P, Pralong F.   Are you the author?
Service d'urologie, CHUV, 1011 Lausanne.

Reference: Rev Med Suisse. 2011 Dec 7;7(320):2399-400, 2402-3.

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PMID: 22232869

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