SUO 2015 PARP Inhibitors and Prostate Cancer - Session Highlights

Washington, DC ( In today’s prostate cancer session at the 2015 Society of Urologic Oncology, Dr. Felix Feng from the University of Michigan presented his data og PARP inhibitors in prostate cancer treatment. It is known that 23% of CRPC harbor DNA repair alterations. Single DNA strand damage is repaired by the PARP protein. By inhibiting the protein the damage is not repaired but progresses to double strand damage. Since many cancers harbor DNA repair alterations (e.g. BRCA,

SUO 2015 Immunotherapy in Prostate Cancer: Clinical Advances - Session Highlights

Washington, DC ( In today’s prostate cancer session at the 2015 Society of Urologic Oncology, Dr. Charles Drake from Johns Hopkins University reviewed the state of immunotherapy for prostate cancer. To date, no objective responses were observed in patients with colorectal or prostate cancer. A phase 3 study of ipilimumab in post docetaxel mCRPC failed to show any advantage to CTLA4 inhibitors. Another trial failed also in the pre docetaxel no visceral metastases setting also.

SUO 2015 The Evolving Role of Chemotherapy in Advanced Prostate Cancer - Session Highlights

Washington, DC ( With the recent report of the CHAARTED study demonstrating a 13-month benefit in overall survival with docetaxel at first diagnosis of mHSPC (Sweeney et al NEJM 2015), chemotherapy has been moved forward in the treatment algorithm for newly diagnosed metastatic hormone sensitive prostate cancer (mHSPC). Armed with these data, there has been rapid adoption and increased use of chemotherapy earlier in the systemic therapy algorithm. In this session, Dr. Agarwal takes a critical look at the trials that have informed clinical practice in this setting.

SUO 2015 Improving Outcomes After Radical Prostatectomy - Session Highlights

Washington, DC ( In this session, Dr. Sanda spoke on 3 ways to improve outcomes after radical prostatectomy.

First he talked about understanding the differences between open (ORP) and robotic radical prostatectomy (RALP). A Multicenter NIH comparative effectiveness study has fully accrued with 545 ORP and 549 RALP patients. Across groups

SUO 2015 Chronic Inflammation is Associated With Low Grade Prostate Cancer - Poster Session

Washington, DC ( Dr. Daniel Moreira and colleagues presented their findings on the association of chronic prostate inflammation and tumor grade at the SUO 2015 poster session. In an analysis of the REDUCE study, the investigators studied 889 men aged 50-75 years old with negative baseline biopsies and positive 2 year repeat biopsies. 

SUO 2015 Currently Available Genomic Tools for Risk Stratification of Localized Prostate Cancer - Session Highlights

Washington, DC ( Dr. Daniel Lin gave an overview of currently available genomic biomarkers for risk stratification of localized prostate cancer. He discussed that genomic biomarkers require performance measures for clinical utility. These include improved risk stratification over traditional risk categories (NCCN, AUA, CAPPRA), probability of adverse versus favorable pathology, response to adjuvant radiation, metastatic free survival, or cancer-specific mortality.

SUO 2015 Huggins Medal Lecture - Session Highlights

Washington, DC ( The Huggins medal is given annually at the Winter meeting of the SUO in recognition of a major contribution and/or lifetime achievement in research and/or clinical practice that has contributed to the progress in the treatment for patients with genitourinary neoplasms. This year’s Huggins medal was awarded to Dr. Joseph A. Smith.

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