Letter from the Editor - February 2013

Dear Colleagues,

February is always an exciting time at the Berkeley offices of UroToday International Journal. As the year begins, new projects and ideas are birthed, paving the way for progress to follow. We at UIJ are always looking for new ways to inform our community, and the first issue of 2013 greets new and longstanding readers alike. No matter your specific niche, we’re sure to have articles of interest that will inform, enlighten, and inspire.

In this issue, Chamberlain et al. evaluate their institutional experience with pediatric recipients of adult donor nephrectomies. They determine that although renal transplants in pediatric patients are associated with postoperative morbidity, graft survival is comparable to adult laparoscopic donor nephrectomy recipients.

Kolte and team discuss supine percutaneous nephrolithotomy as a less practiced modality for the treatment of upper-tract calculi. Their single center experience in 100 patients treated by supine PCNL over a period of 18 months proves the procedure is simple and feasible.

A study by Labib et al. compares short-term outcomes of treatment of urethral stricture disease between human immunodeficiency virus seropositive and HIV seronegative patients. Through their investigation, they discover that stricture recurrence following treatment is not affected by HIV status, nor is time to recurrence and cumulative survival of urethral stricture disease following treatment.

Singh et al. revisit urethral stricture etiology and they discover that the etiology of urethral strictures is not uniform across the world. The iatrogenic and idiopathic strictures are surprisingly common, and avoiding unnecessary urethral catheterization and repeated urethral instrumentation can reduce iatrogenic strictures

We also present a series of case studies on several topics, including congenital bladder diverticulum, female hypospadias and urethral stricture disease in a circumcised female, and a renal abscess in the isthmus of a horseshoe kidney, among others.

We appreciate your continued support, and we hope you find topics of interest with every issue released in 2013. We look forward to the new findings our authors present with every article submitted, and the surprises that await us at every turn. 

Warm regards, 

Karl-Erik Andersson

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