IC Journal Club: Are Single Use Catheters Worth The Expense? - Diane Newman

IC Journal Club: Are Single Use Catheters Worth The Expense?  

Hosted by Diane K. Newman, DNP, ANP-BC, FAAN.

The introduction of clean intermittent catheterization (CIC) by Lapides and colleagues has been a great medical advancement for individuals who require assistance with bladder emptying.  This short video discusses one the most important issues when assessing the cost of single use catheters for societies as presented in a recently published article by Gregory E. Dean, MD. Pediatric Urology St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  

Dr. Dean's insightful and compelling review of the societal costs of single use intermittent catheters includes a discussion of results from a recenlty published trial previously presented by Dr. Newman here,  Single Use Hydrophilic Coated vs. Multiple Use PVC Catheters -Journal Article Video  a journal review from, "A Randomized Crossover Trial of Single Use Hydrophilic Coated vs Multiple Use Polyvinylchloride Catheters for Intermittent Catheterization to Determine Incidence of Urinary Infection" by Darcie Kiddoo, Bonita Sawatzky, Chasta-Dawne Bascu, Nafisa Dharamsi, Kourosh Afshar and Katherine N. Moore.  

 Dr. Dean concludes: "To date, no long-term randomized crossover trial comparing long-term compliance with single use hydrophilic catheters vs multi-use catheters has been performed. The societal cost of these single use catheters can only be fully measured by evaluating the downstream costs of noncompliance. In the meantime patient choice would seem to be the appropriate and prudent course."  

 From THE JOURNAL OF UROLOGY® http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.juro.2015.04.071 Vol. 194, 12-13, July 2015.