Prostate Cancer VL

Discussion on Prostate Rectum Spacing in Radiation Therapy - Lawrence Karsh

(Length of Discussion: 15 min) Lawrence I Karsh discusses SpaceOAR Hydrogel and it's use as a prostate-rectum spacer for treating prostate cancer with radiation therapy. He presents a study he took part in which aimed to evaluate the safety of the prostate-rectum spacer application technique as well as the following: the implant quality and resulting rectal dose reduction, acute and long term rect...

GayBiProstate Study: Expanding Quality of Life and Understanding Sexual Function Post Treatment - Bernard Lee

(Length of Discussion: 12 min) Dr. Bernard Lee shares the background and details of the GayBiProstate Study with Dr. Alicia Morgans. He explains the GayBiProstate study was developed for a patient population which is historically under studied when it comes to quality of life. The study focuses on sexual function of gay and bisexual patients ages 18-75 with a history of prostate cancer who have re...