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Inflation Balloon Does Not Deflate - Diane Newman

Diane Newman gives insight into problems that arise when deflating the balloon of the Foley (indwelling) urinary catheter. She provides helpful tips, such as how to remove blockages that may prevent the balloon from deflating. Diane Newman also offers potential diagnoses for the root of the problem, including a faulty syringe or constipation. Finally, she addresses when to send a patient to the ER...

Urinary Bypassing - Diane Newman

In this video from Diane Newman, she provides an expert's perspective on a common problem faced by individuals with transurethral indwelling catheters, or a Foley catheter — urinary bypassing, in which urine leaks around the catheter. She first addresses why this may occur, citing possible catheter blockages, an incorrectly sized catheter, a latex allergy, or bladder overactivity. She also offers...

Urine Not Draining from Transurethral Catheter - Diane Newman

Diane Newman, an adult nurse practitioner, provides an expert lecture on draining issues in catheter bags. This is a problem that afflicts individuals with transurethral indwelling catheters and can be cause for concern for caregivers or patients, but Newman provides advice on how to remedy the issue. While some draining problems may be caused by obstruction of catheter eyes or bacteria and encrus...

Clinical Application of Urologic Catheters, Devices and Products, A Book Review with Eric Rovner

(Length of Discussion: 3 min) Diane Newman and Eric Rovner discuss a newly published book on urologic devices and catheters. This book is written for the urology and gynecology community and mindfully designed to be a great resource for patients as well. The book houses a breadth of topics from urologic devices, skin care, catheter options, and procedures. Biographies: Diane K. Newman, DNP Eric S....
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