Discussion on CHAARTED, LATITUDE and STAMPEDE Trials

(Length of lecture ~ 28 minutes)

E. David Crawford hosts a discussion with three physicians who recently reported their findings from ASCO 2017 meeting on the CHAARTED, LATITUDE and STAMPEDE clinical trials, which will have a major impact on the treatment and survival benefits for men with prostate cancer.

Elizabeth Kessler discusses the use of chemotherapy (docetaxel) in hormone sensitive metastatic prostate cancer patients and the considerations that must be taken in to account when deciding the couse of treatment for prostate cancer patients.

Thomas Keane focuses on androgen deprivation therapy and how low testosterone should go and its impact on outcomes, citing data from both the LATITUDE and STAMPEDE studies and the issues to consider when reviewing the data for both trials.

Alan Bryce talks about abiraterone acetate and the treatment of metastatic hormone sensitive prostate cancer and recent data that has been unconvered that defines a new standard of care for prostate cancer patients.

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E. David Crawford

Thomas E. Keane

Elizabeth Kessler
Assistant Professor of Medical Oncology
University of Colorado, Aurora, CO

Alan Bryce
Assistant Professor of Medicine
Mayo Clinic, Arizona