Causes and Treatments of Nocturia - Jeannette Potts

February 28, 2018

(Length of Discussion 21 min)

Jeannette Potts presents the causes and treatments of nocturia.  Nocturia, the most common lower urinary tract symptom is a condition in which a patient expereinces nighttime awakening to void.  Nocturia affects approximately 70-75% of adults over 40 years of age.  She reviews multiple symptoms causes by nocturnal polyuria including chronic fatigue, depression, hypertension, hip fractures, and mortality. 

She discussed nocturnal polyuria, in which 88% of patients suffering from nocturia have: a higher production of urine overnight. This is the cause in most patients whether they have any other urological conditions.

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Jeannette M. Potts, M.D Men’s Health GU Specialist, Co-founder Vista Urology & Pelvic Pain Partners