Submit a Case Diagnosis

UroToday International Journal is continually seeking new cases for our component within UIJ, which is the "Case Diagnosis" section. Therein, authors submit an image file and a patient presentation description along with five possible diagnoses as choices from which readers can make their own diagnoses.

The editorial board of UIJ invites you to submit your own "Case Diagnosis" for inclusion in an upcoming issue.

To participate, simply submit the following items for consideration:

  • An image
  • Patient presentation description
  • Five potential diagnoses
  • A detailed and referenced description around the correct answer

These items may be emailed to . 

If you would like to view a gallery of previously published case diagnoses, please click here

We hope you will participate and in doing so, you will help us deliver quality, relevant, open-access urology science to our peers all over the world.

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