Urethrectomy Articles


  • Clear cell carcinoma in a urethral diverticulum.

    A 54-year-old female presented with a long history of multi-drug-resistant urinary tract infections, urinary urgency and frequency, haematuria, stress urinary incontinence and difficulty voiding. Examination revealed a large, hard anterior vaginal wall mass with purulent discharge.

    Published May 29, 2020
  • Significance of prophylactic urethrectomy at the time of radical cystectomy for bladder cancer.

    Prophylactic urethrectomy at the time of radical cystectomy is frequently recommended for patients with bladder cancer at a high risk of urethral recurrence without definitive evidence. The present study attempted to clarify the survival benefits of performing prophylactic urethrectomy.

    Published September 9, 2020