Metastasis-directed therapy in testicular cancer.

This review highlights the importance of addressing testicular cancer metastasizing beyond the retroperitoneum, focusing on multidisciplinary approaches and advances in treatment.

Recent literature emphasizes on the evolving landscape of metastasis-directed therapy, including surgical interventions, chemotherapy regimens, and radiation therapy. The effectiveness of these treatments varies depending on the site of metastasis, with various approaches improving survival rates and quality of life for patients. We divide our review in an organ-specific manner and focus on chemotherapeutic, surgical, and radiation therapy approaches pertaining to each site of metastasis.

Our review suggests the pressing need for continued research to refine and personalize treatment strategies. These efforts are important for enhancing clinical practice, ultimately leading to better outcomes for patients with metastatic testicular cancer.

Current opinion in urology. 2024 Apr 03 [Epub ahead of print]

Kshitij Pandit, Kit Yuen, Dhruv Puri, Nuphat Yodkhunnatham, Frederick Millard, Aditya Bagrodia

Department of Urology., Department of Medicine, UC San Diego School of Medicine, La Jolla, California, USA.