Validation of Selection Criteria for Active Surveillance in Prostate Cancer

Considerable Proportion of Prostate Cancer (PCa) patients suitable for Active Surveillance (AS) harbour aggressive disease at surgical histopathology. Identification of truly indolent prostate cancer at diagnosis is difficult.

Of this study was to evaluate the accuracy of current AS protocols in identifying low risk PCa by comparing the histopathology at biopsy and surgery.

A retrospective study was performed on all patients who underwent Radical Prostatectomy (RP) between 2008 and 2012. We identified patients who fulfilled inclusion criteria of five different established AS protocols. Histopathology at biopsy was compared with final surgical histopathology to identify upgrading or upstaging of disease. The biochemical recurrence rate in the cohort was also determined.

A total of 59 patients (24%) met criteria of at least one protocol. Sixteen patients (28%) were eligible for AS based on all studied criteria. Overall 24 patients (40.6%) were upgraded in their final histopathology while 12 patients (20%) upstaged from their original TRUS biopsy. Two patients (3%) had PSA failure, both had salvage radiotherapy.

There is considerable discrepency in current AS selection criteria which makes it necessary to introduce novel markers to identify indolent disease as a part of AS protocol for PCa.

Journal of clinical and diagnostic research : JCDR. 2016 Apr 01 [Epub]

Saif Elamin, Nikita Rajiv Bhatt, Niall F Davis, Paul Sweeney

Registrar, Department of Urology, Mercy University Hospital , Cork, Ireland ., SHO, Department of Urology, University Hospital Limerick, Ireland ., Specialist Regiatrar, Department of Urology, St. Vincent's University Hospital , Dublin, Ireland ., Consultant Urologist, Department of Urology, Mercy University Hospital , Cork, Ireland .