Predictive models for biochemical recurrence of prostate cancer after local treatment. Nomograms - Abstract

In this narrative review we present the concept of nomogram in the context of predictive models in prostate cancer.

In fact we try to answer the following questions from a practical and critical point of view: What is a nomogram? How to read and evaluate nomograms? What nomograms predict biochemical relapse in prostate cancer after local treatment, either surgery or radiotherapy? Why are nomograms better than risk groups stratification? And, finally, why don't clinicians use nomograms in fact?

Written by:
Fernando AB, Escaño LM, Saiz GS, Sanz LA. Are you the author?
Servicio de Urología, Hospital Universitario Miguel Servet, Zaragoza, España.

Reference: Arch Esp Urol. 2012 Jan-Feb;65(1):39-50.

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PMID: 22318176

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