Comparison of electromagnetic transmitter and ultrasound imaging for intrafraction monitoring of prostate radiotherapy.

To compare two in-beam monitoring devices for prostate radiotherapy: intra-prostatic electromagnetic transmitters (EM-T) (RayPilot®, Micropos Medical) and ultrasound imaging using transperineal probe (TP-US) (Clarity®, Elekta) used concomitantly on phantom and on patients.

The phantom study evaluated accuracy in presence of known translations and rotations. Then intra-fraction motions were analyzed for 10 prostate cancer patients implanted with the EM-T 8 days before the simulation CT (171 sessions). The percent time in which the differences between the systems were 1-5 mm were scored for each direction.

Experiments on phantom confirmed no interference between the systems and showed deviations of less than 0.5 mm when translations were applied progressively. In presence of rotations (5-15°), both systems displayed systematic shifts up to 6.9 and 3.8 mm for the TP-US and the EM-T, respectively. Absolute mean differences between displacements observed on patients with EM-T and TP-US were ≤0.55 mm in all directions except for one patient (≤1.77 mm). With an exception for this patient, a strong correlation was found in left-right direction: differences >2 mm were monitored less than 0.22% of the time (mean acquisition time:164 minutes) and never exceeded 5 s. Maximum differences were observed in supero-inferior direction with differences >2 mm monitored more than 6.5% of the time for 3 patients. Large prostate rotations, the presence of gas and EM-T location in the prostate may explain important differences.

Apart from the systematic shifts induced by the rotations, the two systems were correlated and represent feasible solutions for monitoring prostate cancer treatment.

Radiotherapy and oncology : journal of the European Society for Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology. 2019 Apr 03 [Epub ahead of print]

Marie-Claude Biston, Timothée Zaragori, Laurent Delcoudert, Marie Fargier-Voiron, Alexandre Munoz, Coralie Gorsse, David Sarrut, Pascal Pommier

Léon Bérard Cancer Center, University of Lyon, France; Université de Lyon, CREATIS, CNRS UMR5220, Inserm U1044, INSA, Lyon, France. Electronic address: ., Léon Bérard Cancer Center, University of Lyon, France., Léon Bérard Cancer Center, University of Lyon, France; Université de Lyon, CREATIS, CNRS UMR5220, Inserm U1044, INSA, Lyon, France.


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