Evaluation of pain and catheter-related bladder discomfort relative to balloon volumes of indwelling urinary catheters: A prospective study.

To evaluate patients' tolerance to indwelling urinary catheters (IUCs) before and after reducing their balloon volumes. IUCs are a source of discomfort or pain.

All consecutive patients hospitalized in our department with IUCs were included during the study period with some exclusion. Each patient was his/her own control before and two hours after reduction of the balloon volume (RBV) by half using two types of assessments, a visual analog scale for pain and a catheter-related bladder discomfort (CRBD) symptom questionnaire.

Forty-nine patients were included in our study that completed the assessments. The mean scores for pain before and after RBVs were 2.80 and 2.02, respectively. The difference was significant (p<0.05). The mean grades of the CRBD before and after RBVs were 1.02 and 0.75, respectively. The difference was significant (p<0.05).

A 50% RBV has shown a significant amelioration in tolerating the catheter.

Investigative and clinical urology. 2018 Dec 06 [Epub]

Ahmed S Zugail, Ugo Pinar, Jacques Irani

Department of Urology, Bicêtre Hospital, Le Kremlin-Bicêtre, France.