Associations Between Urinary Symptoms and Sexual Health in Older Adults

Fifty percent of sexually active older men and women complain of 1 or more sexual problems. Sexual dysfunction involves a complex interplay of partner factors, relationship factors, individual factors, concomitant mental health disorders, life stressors, medical comorbidity, and medication intake.

Although lower urinary tract symptoms are associated with decreased sexual activity, it is unclear whether the relationship is causal or influenced by shared risk factors, or the presence of overall poor health and function. Taking a complete sexual history in patients with lower urinary tract symptoms is the first step toward detection and possible treatment.

Clinics in geriatric medicine. 2015 Aug 28 [Epub]

Cara Tannenbaum

Division of Geriatric Medicine, Université de Montréal, 4565 Queen Mary Road, Montreal, Quebec H3W1W5, Canada.