[Mini-sling versus transobturator sling: Efficiency and morbidity]

To compare the effectiveness of an ALTIS® mini-sling and a conventionnal suburethral sling TVT-ABBREVO® for treatment of female stress urinary incontinence.

A single-center retrospective study included all female patients fitted with a conventional transobturator tape (TVT-ABBREVO®) or mini-sling (ALTIS®), during 2015, in Angers university hospital. The success rate was defined by no urine leakage during a cough test on clinical examination, improved quality of life defined by a PGI-I (Patient Global Impression of Improvement) score of 1 to 3, and no stress urinary incontinence on USP (Urinary Symptom Profile) questionnaire. Morbidity associated with slings and perioperative data were also recorded.

Ninety-two patients were included (39 in the ALTIS group and 53 in the ABBREVO group). The average follow-up was 13.55 months. The success rate was not significantly different in ALTIS group for the negative cough test (89.7% vs 94.3% in ABBREVO group, P=0.45), for the absence of urinary leakage reported on the USP questionnaire (87.2% vs 90.6% in ABBREVO group, P=0.61), or for the improvement of the quality of life with a PGI-I score between 1 and 3 (82.1% vs 86.8% in ABBREVO group, P=0.53). On the other hand, more patients were fully satisfied, with a PGI-I quality of life score of 1, in ABBREVO group than in ALTIS group (67.9% compared with 46.2%, P=0.03). Immediate postoperative pain was significantly less intense in ALTIS group than in ABBREVO group (average VAS score of 0.5 comparated with 1.3, P=0.01), but this difference had disappeared one week after surgery. The rates of other complications were similar in both groups.

The functional results of the ALTIS and TVT-ABBREVO® slings appear similar in the treatment of female stress urinary incontinence.

Gynecologie, obstetrique, fertilite & senologie. 2018 Oct 06 [Epub ahead of print]

P Grison, S Tixier, P Descamps, P Bigot, L Catala, G Legendre

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