Patients' Lived Experiences of Nocturia: A Qualitative Study of the Evening, the Night, and the Next Day

Nocturia, waking to urinate two or more times during the night, is a chronic condition associated with significant patient burden due to sleep disruption. This study aimed to explore the lived experiences of patients with nocturia in terms of the disruption to their lives during the night and day.

Adult patients in the US diagnosed with nocturia were recruited for face-to-face qualitative interviews. Thematic analysis of patients' narratives, taking a phenomenological interpretative approach, summarised their experiences throughout the night and day, including any apparent contrasts between patients.

Twenty patients (10 male, 10 female) aged between 39 and 80 years, averaging three night-time voids, were interviewed. Analysis revealed that nocturia has a substantial impact on sleep quality and quantity, with the frequency of night-time voids a key driver of this. In addition to night-time phenomena, patients faced various difficulties the next day, including day-time tiredness, lack of energy and concerns related to emotional wellbeing, social functioning and cognitive functioning. All of these limited patients' capacity to work, perform daily activities or fulfil role responsibilities. Patients' lifestyles influenced experience, where younger patients in employment more readily emphasised the day-time physical and psychosocial burdens. Patients employed coping behaviours in an attempt to lessen the severity of nocturia and its impact, which were both physician-led and self-taught.

While the symptom of nocturia only occurs during the night, the impact is longer lasting, affecting functioning and wellbeing throughout the following day. Patients' circumstances can affect the extent of their burden; recognising this can improve effective delivery of patient-centred care.

The patient. 2017 Apr 19 [Epub ahead of print]

Andrew Trigg, Fredrik L Andersson, Natalie V J Aldhouse, Donald L Bliwise, Helen Kitchen

Clinical Outcomes Assessment, DRG Abacus, Manchester, UK., Global Health Economics and Outcomes Research, Ferring Pharmaceuticals A/S, Copenhagen, Denmark., The Emory Program in Sleep, Emory University, Atlanta, GA, USA., Clinical Outcomes Assessment, DRG Abacus, Manchester, UK. .

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