Prepuce-sparing corporoplasty as a safe alternative for patients with acquired penile curvature.

Penile curvature is a rare condition, classified as congenital or acquired (Peyronie's disease) (PD). Surgical correction is the standard treatment. It's common practice to associate circumcision with penile de-gloving to prevent complications.

In this paper we evaluate the feasibility of penile surgery avoiding circumcision.

patients presenting with penile curvature were treated using a modified Nesbit procedure. Patients were divided into group A if they opted for a prepuce-sparing surgery and the others into group B. Patients were evaluated pre and postoperatively and postoperative complications were assessed. The 5-item International Index of Erectile Function (IIEF-5) was administered before and 6 months after surgery and we compared the difference of mean value using T-Test.

Group A and B were made of 53 and 16 patients respectively. Median age was 59 years [interquartile range (IQR) 12] in A and 62 (IQR 9) in B (p = 0.2). Median curvature was 40° (IQR 40°) in A and 40 ° (IQR 30°) in B (p = 0.62). Mean difference between pre- and post-operative IEFF was 1.9 ± 2 in A and 2.6 ± 2.1 in B (p = 0.36).

According to our experience, surgical correction of penile curvature without performing circumcision could be a safe and feasible strategy. We recommend performing circumcision only in patients who present with pre-operative phimosis.

Archivio italiano di urologia, andrologia : organo ufficiale [di] Societa italiana di ecografia urologica e nefrologica. 2020 Oct 01*** epublish ***

Aldo Franco De Rose, Francesca Ambrosini, Guglielmo Mantica, Enrico Zero, Riccardo Banchero, Carlo Terrone

Department of Urology, Policlinico San Martino Hospital, University of Genoa. .

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