Low risk of erectile dysfunction after nontransecting bulbar urethroplasty for urethral stricture: a systematic review and meta-analysis.

Sexual function after urethroplasty may be a concern for patients, but there are still some controversies regarding the consequences of nontransecting bulbar urethroplasty (ntBU) in terms of erectile dysfunction (ED).

This meta-analysis aimed to compare the efficacy and safety of ntBU with that of transecting bulbar urethroplasty (tBU).

The PubMed, Web of Science, Cochrane, and Embase databases were searched and reviewed up to October 31, 2022. Quality evaluation was performed using the Newcastle-Ottawa scale system and Cochrane tools for the nonrandomized and randomized studies, respectively. Baseline characteristics, preoperative information, and postoperative outcomes were collected.

Outcomes included success rate, ED, overall complication, and maximum urinary flow.

Thirteen studies comprising 1683 patients met the inclusion criteria, with 596 and 1087 patients undergoing ntBU and tBU, respectively. The results revealed that compared with the tBU group, the patients who underwent ntBU had a significantly lower incidence of ED, while there were no significant differences in the other perioperative outcomes. In subgroup analysis, the nontransecting anastomotic urethroplasty group had a lower incidence of ED than excision and primary anastomosis, and other perioperative outcomes were similar between the 2 groups.

The results of the study may help clinicians choose procedures that protect sexual function in the treatment of urethral stricture.

The strength of this study is that it is, to our knowledge, the first meta-analysis to evaluate the efficacy and safety of ntBU. A limitation is that most of the included studies were retrospective cohort studies.

ntBU preserves the high efficacy of its transecting counterpart while reducing postoperative ED.

The journal of sexual medicine. 2023 Nov 16 [Epub ahead of print]

Xingming Zhao, Yanbo Xing, Xi Zhang, Qiang Guo, Chengyong Li, Chao Guo, Jingqi Wang, Chuan Hao

Department of Urology, The Second Hospital of Shanxi Medical University, 382 Wuyi Road, Taiyuan, 030001, China.