MRI-Cavernosography: A New Diagnostic Tool for Erectile Dysfunction Due to Venous Leakage: A Diagnostic Chance.

Erectile dysfunction caused by venous leakage is a vascular disease in which blood fails to accumulate in the corpora cavernosa due to the abrupt drainage of blood from the penis secondary to an abnormal venous network that affects 1 to 2% of men under 25 years old and about 10 to 20% over 60 years old, who do not raise a sufficient erection for penetrative sex. The study of the venous leak and its characterization in young patients with erectile dysfunction represent a diagnostic challenge, and imaging remains the best way to diagnose this condition. In the article, it is described the methods of execution and the diagnostic role of the cavernous MRI in the study of vasogenic erectile dysfunction from the venous leak, proposing it as a good alternative to the cavernous CT, considering the satisfactory results in terms of diagnostic interpretation, the absence of ionizing radiation, the higher soft tissue resolution of the imaging method and the lower administration of contrast agent.

Diagnostics (Basel, Switzerland). 2023 Jun 26*** epublish ***

Marco Di Serafino, Luigi Pucci, Francesca Iacobellis, Marco Fasbender Jacobitti, Roberto Ronza, Vittorio Sabatino, Luigi De Luca, Vincenzo Iossa, Nunzio Alberto Langella, Francesco Persico, Dario Grimaldi, Maria Laura SchillirĂ², Luca Lessoni, Maurizio Notorio, Maurizio Carrino, Luigia Romano

Department of General and Emergency Radiology, "Antonio Cardarelli" Hospital, 80131 Naples, Italy., Department of Andrology, "Antonio Cardarelli" Hospital, 80131 Naples, Italy.