Risk factors for hypogonadism in young men with erectile dysfunction.

To evaluate the hormone profile of young men with the chief complaint of erectile dysfunction (ED) and determine the comorbidities in this population.

A retrospective chart review of men aged 18-40 years who presented with ED and had a hormone evaluation but without prior medication for hormone manipulation from 2002-2016 at a tertiary care institution. Data was obtained on demographics, co-morbidities, medications, and hormonal evaluations.

A total of 2,292 ED men were identified and 2130 of them received testosterone level evaluation. The most common comorbidities that men were actively being treated for were depression (22.3%), anxiety (16.1%), hypertension (15.6%), diabetes (7.2%), cancer (6.2%), and cardiovascular disease (3.3%). The average total testosterone level was 368 ± 160 ng/dL. 10.7% of men had hypogonadism. Multivariate analysis demonstrated age, body mass index (BMI), depression and cancer predicted a hypogonadal status. Patients with BMI > 28.2 kg/m, age > 34 years, cancer diagnosis or depression were 3.350-fold, 1.447-fold, 2.317-fold or 1.420-fold more likely to be diagnosed hypogonadal than non-overweight, age <=34 years, non-cancer or non-depressive patients.

The majority of men under age 40 with ED exhibit a normal hormonal milieu. Young ED men with BMI > 28.2 kg/m, age >34 years, cancer diagnosis or depression are at risk for hypogonadism.This is an open access article under the CC BY-NC-ND license (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/4.0/).

Journal of the Chinese Medical Association : JCMA. 2019 Mar 28 [Epub ahead of print]

I-Shen Huang, Daniel J Mazur, Barbara E Kahn, Mary Kate Keeter, Anuj S Desai, Kevin Lewis, Alexander J Tatem, Marah C Hehemann, Robert E Brannigan, Nelson E Bennett

Departments of Urology, Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, Chicago, IL, USA., Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis, Indianapolis, IN, USA., Loyola Medicine Chicago Stritch School of Medicine, Chicago, IL, USA.