Evaluation of serum prolidase activity and oxidative stress markers in men with BPH and prostate cancer

Prostate cancer (PCa) and benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) are diseases of elderly men and are related to increased oxidative stress (OS). Although prolidase has a role in collagen metabolism, it is also used to evaluate OS in many diseases. However, there is a lack of data about serum prolidase activity (SPA) in prostate cancer. The aim of this study was to evaluate and compare SPA levels in males with BPH and PCa.

Evaluation was made of a total of 81 men who underwent transrectal ultrasound guided prostate biopsy for a definitive diagnosis due to high PSA levels. Patients were separated into 2 groups as BPH and PCa patients. Pre-biopsy malondialdehyde (MDA), superoxide dismutase (SOD), PSA levels and serum prolidase activities (SPA) were compared between the groups and the correlations of SPA with the other parameters were also investigated in both groups.

BPH was diagnosed in 51 patients and PCa in 30. The mean age of patients was similar in both groups as 63.25 ± 5.81 years in the BPH group 65.30 ± 7.35 years in the PCa group(p:0.081). The median MDA and SOD levels were insignificantly increased in the PCa patients. SPA values were similar in BPH and PCa patients. SPA did not correlate with age, PSA, MDA or SOD levels in either group.

Our study results revealed that serum prolidase activity is similar in BPH and PCa cases and is not correlated with MDA, SOD or PSA levels.

BMC urology. 2017 Dec 12*** epublish ***

Faruk Kucukdurmaz, Erkan Efe, Ahmet Çelik, Hasan Dagli, Metin Kılınc, Sefa Resim

Department of Urology, Sutcu Imam University, Avsar Kampusu, 46100, Kahramanmaras, Turkey. ., Department of Urology, Sutcu Imam University, Avsar Kampusu, 46100, Kahramanmaras, Turkey., Department of Biochemistry, Sutcu Imam University, Kahramanmaras, Turkey.