State-of-the-Art: a Review of Cardiovascular Effects of Testosterone Replacement Therapy in Adult Males

According to an Endocrine Society Clinical Practice Guideline published in June 2010, testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) should be administered only to men who are hypogonadal with documented low testosterone level on two morning measurements. This recommendation was based on previous studies that did not show an increased risk in cardiovascular events with TRT. In contrast, recent studies did show an increased risk which prompted the FDA to investigate further.

Multiple studies suggested an increased risk in cardiovascular events among groups of men prescribed TRT. There is recent evidence that TRT can be associated with higher cardiovascular risks, while these risks are still not well established, and more well-designed trials are needed. Physicians should always be cautious when prescribing TRT to their patients. Potential risks should be discussed with each patient, and TRT requires regular monitoring to help minimize side effects.

Current cardiology reports. 2017 Apr [Epub]

Ahmed Elsherbiny, Matthew Tricomi, Digant Bhatt, Hari Kumar Dandapantula

Hospital Medicine, Ashtabula County Medical Center, Ashtabula, OH, USA., Clinical Pharmacy, Ashtabula County Medical Center, Ashtabula, OH, USA., Canton Medical Education Foundation, Canton, OH, USA., Heart and Vascular Institute, Ashtabula County Medical Center, Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Cleveland, OH, USA. .