Intraoperative angiography of the neurovascular bundle using indocyanine green and near-infrared fluorescence improves anatomical dissection during robot-assisted radical prostatectomy: initial clinical experience.

Landmark artery identification in the neurovascular bundle (NVB) is important for nerve-sparing in radical prostatectomy. We aimed to investigate intraoperative angiography using indocyanine green and near-infrared fluorescence (ICG-NIRF) during robot-assisted radical prostatectomy (RARP) to identify the NVB, visualise vascularisation and haemostasis, and preserve erectile function. Our retrospective, unicentric study was performed in consecutive localised prostate cancer RARP patients (stage T1/T2, prostate-specific antigen < 10 ng/ml) who underwent ICG-NIRF angiography in France (2016-2021). When ready to dissect the NVB, the anaesthesiologist intravenously injected ICG (3 ml); the surgeon used alternating standard light or fluorescence to optimise NVB visualisation and facilitate microdissection. Primary outcomes: safety and feasibility of ICG-NIRF. Secondary outcomes: functional erectile dysfunction (Sexual Health Inventory for Men (SHIM) questionnaire) over 9 months, proportion of bilateral NVBs identified, ICG-related complications. Standard descriptive statistics were used; t test determined the significance of changes in SHIM scores versus baseline. Ninety-one patients received intraoperative angiography. The NVB was identified in all cases, without difficulties. No ICG-related complications or allergies were observed. There was no significant difference in the SHIM score at 9 months compared with baseline (p = 0.331), and erectile dysfunction returned to baseline levels in almost all patients. Intraoperative, real-time ICG-NIRF angiography is simple, non-invasive, and improves identification of key anatomical landmarks to optimise micropreservation of the NVB during RARP and preserve erectile function. Larger clinical studies should confirm preliminary results.

Journal of robotic surgery. 2022 Oct 29 [Epub ahead of print]

Nordine Amara, Tarek Al Youssef, Jordan Massa, Aouad Fidjel, Elias El Khoury, Belur Patel, Mathias Flais, Christophe Deswarte

Oncology Urology Department, Centre Hospitalier de Dunkerque, 130 Avenue Louis Herbeax, 59240, Dunkirk, France. ., Oncology Urology Department, Centre Hospitalier de Dunkerque, 130 Avenue Louis Herbeax, 59240, Dunkirk, France., Urology Department, Baylor Scott & White Hospital, Temple, TX, USA., Anesthesiology and Pharmacology Department, Centre Hospitalier Dunkerque, Dunkirk, France.