Our laparoscopic cystectomy experiences.

We aimed to present our laparoscopic cystectomy experience and demonstrate that it is a feasible technique with safe oncologic principles.

Total 19 patients who underwent laparoscopic radical cystectomy and pelvic lymph node dissection (PLND) in our urology clinic (Okmeydani Training and Research Hospital) were retrospectively evaluated. Demographic data, operation technique and complications, tumour pathology and follow-up details of patients were recorded.

Patients ranged from 40 to 73 years, with the average age of 60.8 and female/male rate was 2/17. The mean total operation time was 375 min (range 260-500). Mean hospitalisation time of patients was 10.3 days. The mean follow-up time was 11.2 months.

Minimally invasive approaches in urology are becoming the first line treatment by the time. Due to the high costs and limited availability, robotic surgery is still not exactly widespread in the world. Our series showed that conventional laparoscopic cystectomy is an appropriate approach until robotic surgery becomes widespread.

Urologia. 2020 Dec 08 [Epub ahead of print]

Merder Erkan, Can Osman, Arıman Ahmet, Polat Emre Can, Altunrende Fatih

Department of Urology, University of Health Sciences, Okmeydani Training and Research Hospital, Istanbul, Turkey.