AUA 2017: Robotic Simple Prostatectomy: The USC Experience

Boston, MA ( Dr. Carlos Fay from the University of Southern California, (USC), presented data on the institution’s experience with robotic simple prostatectomy. As an introduction to his talk, Dr. Fay explained that although open simple prostatectomy has been the traditional approach it is however associated with significant risk for complications. Robotic surgery has become very popular over the last 10 years due to reduced bloodloss, shorter hospital stay, and lower reoperation rates when compared to open simple prostatectomy.

From May 2011 to September 2016, Dr. Fay and team evaluated 129 consecutive men who underwent RSP. For this assessment, demographics, pathology, perioperative complication, and functional outcomes were assessed.

For these 129 patients median preoperative IPSS was 27, PVR was 247.5ml, and Qmax was 8ml/s. There were no intraoperative complications found in all patients. None of the cases had to convert to open surgery and only one patient required blood transfusion. Median postoperative IPSS was 7.5, PVR was 6 and Qmax was 19.5.

Dr. Fay concluded that robotic simple prostatectomy is a safe and effective surgical treatment for BPH. He added that functional outcomes were excellent and that his team’s assessment showed statically significant improvements in IPSS,Qmax, and PVR.

Presented By: Carlos Fay

Authors: Carlos Fay, Daniel Melecchi Freitas, Andre Abreu, Sameer Chopra, Nariman Ahmadi, Toshitaka Shin, Michael Qiu, Giovanni Cacciamani, Oishi Masakatsu, Mihir Desai, Inderbir Gill, Andre Berger, Monish Aron

Affiliation: Department of Urology, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, California

Written By: Renai Yoon, MD, Department of Urology, University of California-Irvine

at the 2017 AUA Annual Meeting - May 12 - 16, 2017 – Boston, Massachusetts, USA