AUA 2017: Postoperative Urinary Retention Is An Independent Predictor Of Short-And Long-Term Future Bladder Outlet Procedure In Men

Boston, MA ( Post-operative urinary retention (POUR), the inability to void with a presence of a full bladder, has been shown to be a common complication post a wide range of surgeries. Current management of POUR includes alpha-blockers or catheter decompressions if it is short term care versus bladder outlet procedure (BOP) if long term care is needed. No literature has examined the long term implications of POUR, specifically if POUR is identified in those who undergo future BOP. This study was aimed to identify incidence and predictors of patients who underwent BOP post non-urologic inpatient surgery.

In this retrospective study, 769,141 male patients who underwent an inpatient surgery from 2008-2010 were reviewed. Confounding urologic diagnosed patients and index urologic surgery were excluded from this study. The incidence of POUR, predictors of subsequent BOP, and incidence of early-and later- subsequent BOP were outcomes that were mainly focused on. There were 8,000 cases of POUR identified. Patients were divided into four different groups according to their incidence and predictor of BOP. Group A consisted of males ≥ 60 years with POUR, group B consisted of males ≥ 60 years without POUR, group C consisted of males < 60 years with POUR, and group D consisted of males < 60 years without POUR.

In conclusion, those patients who developed POUR were more likely to be older than the age of 60, more likely to develop a post-operative UTI, identified to have more comorbidities, and had a longer hospital stay. Group A was the highest risk group who develop POUR based on gender and had an increased incidence of BOP. Group B also presents with an increased rate of future BOP compared to group D. Regardless of being diagnosed with POUR or not, men who are younger than 60 years are at low risk of BOP.

Presented By: Arpeet Shah

Written By: Kheira Bettir for

at the 2017 AUA Annual Meeting - May 12 - 16, 2017 – Boston, Massachusetts, USA

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