Urogynaecology for urologists - Abstract

Klinik für Urologie und Urologische Hochschulambulanz, Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin.


The field of urogynaecology represents an interdisciplinary subspecialty which is dedicated to qualified diagnostics and effective treatment of functional, static, endocrine and urological pelvic floor disorders. Core areas of the surgical uro-gynaecology are pelvic floor reconstruction for the treatment of urinary and anal incontinence, descensus and prolapse including proctological surgery. Also included are the therapy and correction after trauma of the pelvic floor, as well as reconstruction after oncological interventions. In urogynaecological pelvic floor reconstruction, supporting tapes and mesh implants are usually implanted tension-free. The principle of the tension-free tape and mesh graft implantation is based on the induction of collagen regeneration as well as the development of scar tissue creating a tight, statically effective tissue within the pelvic floor. Surgical goal is the improvement of quality of life and the restitution of an appropriate coenaesthesia with preservation of a regular micturition and continence. Another important aspect is the restitution of a regular sexuality. Conservative urogynaecology represents the medicinal, physiotherapeutic or neuromodulatory treatment of mainly descensus disorders and urinary and anal incontinence. Other foci are urinary infections, chronic pelvic pain as well as postoperative and posttraumatic insufficiency of the pelvic floor.

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Reference: Aktuelle Urol. 2011 Jul;42(4):233-41.

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