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Bladder Cancer in Women Research Symposium


Bladder Cancer in Women: Identifying Research Needs to Improve Diagnosis and Treatment – A Johns Hopkins Greenberg Bladder Cancer Institute/ American Urological Association Translational Research Collaboration
Live Symposium | AUA Headquarters

This meeting will bring together thought leaders in the research and clinical care of bladder cancer across the spectrum of urologic, medical and radiologic oncology, sexual health and internal medicine, as well as patients, patient advocates and public health experts. The purpose of this symposium is to critically review the issues surrounding bladder cancer disparities in women, the causative and correlative factors from both basic and clinical science perspectives, and identify opportunities to improve research, clinical care and awareness to diminish the greater death rate in women as compared to men diagnosed with bladder cancer. Participants are strongly encouraged to register by March 8, 2019.

Target Audience
Clinical and research faculty whose work is focused on bladder cancer, industry representatives from companies with vested interests in bladder cancer diagnosis and therapies, and patients.

Location information

AUA Headquarters