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LUPGA Announces First CEO, Celeste Kirschner

Washington, D.C. – LUGPA, a national organization representing urologists practicing in independent, integrated practices, today announced their first Chief Executive Officer, Celeste Kirschner. Kirschner will begin as CEO October 19.

Residency in urology and training in kidney transplantation: Results of a national survey - Beyond the Abstract

Residents during urological training must be trained in the study, diagnosis, and treatment of medical and surgical conditions of the urinary tract and retroperitoneum in both sexes, as well as the male genital tract. The training of the urology resident is variable depending on the country in which they are trained even within the European Union.

Graphics processing unit-based bioheat simulation to facilitate rapid decision making associated with cryosurgery training - Abstract

This study focuses on the implementation of an efficient numerical technique for cryosurgery simulations on a graphics processing unit as an alternative means to accelerate runtime.

Simulation-based cryosurgery intelligent tutoring system prototype - Abstract

As a part of an ongoing effort to develop computerized training tools for cryosurgery, the current study presents a proof of concept for a computerized tool for cryosurgery tutoring.

A cross-sectional pilot study to investigate patient attitudes and perception regarding the use of real time digital recording of urological procedures for research and teaching purposes - Abstract

Little conclusive evidence exists regarding the best way to educate and evaluate skill acquisition of advanced surgical trainees, despite it being recognised as one of the most important aspects of training.

Are Canadian urology residency programs fulfilling the Royal College expectations?: A survey of graduated chief residents - Abstract

INTRODUCTION: We assess outgoing Canadian urology chief residents' well-being, their satisfaction with their surgical training, and their proficiency in surgical procedures throughout their residency program.

SUFU WM 2015 - Quality, cost, and value: How do we measure what we do? - Session Highlights

SCOTTSDALE, AZ USA (UroToday.com) - Quality measures and value have become increasingly emphasized as health care costs continue to rise each year.

SUFU WM 2015 - Subspecialty training in urology: An AUA perspective - Session Highlights

SCOTTSDALE, AZ USA (UroToday.com) - This insightful talk was presented by Dr. William Bohnert, who is president of the American Urological Association.

Using procedure codes to define radiation toxicity in administrative data: The devil is in the details - Abstract

BACKGROUND: Systematic coding systems are used to define clinically meaningful outcomes when leveraging administrative claims data for research.

Residency in urology and training in kidney transplantation. Results of a national survey - Abstract

OBJECTIVES: To determine the current state of kidney transplantation (KT) training in a country that is leader in organ donation and transplantation.

The urological referral process from Primary Health Care. Reflections on referral criteria - Abstract

OBJECTIVES: The flow of patients between Primary Care (PC) and Specialized care (SC) is a common process.

Utility of smartphone camera in patient management in urology - Abstract

INTRODUCTION: To describe the utility of the smartphone camera in patient management in urology.

Association between availability of health service prices and payments for these services - Abstract

IMPORTANCE: Recent governmental and private initiatives have sought to reduce health care costs by making health care prices more transparent.

The social media revolution is changing the conference experience: Analytics and trends from eight international meetings - Abstract

OBJECTIVE: To analyse the use of Twitter at urology conferences to enhance the social media conference experience.

Study shows independent urological care is high-quality, cost-effective

WASHINGTON, DC USA (Press Release) - August 5, 2014 - LUGPA today applauded researchers at the University of Michigan for their recent study on ambulatory surgery centers (ASC) and their effect on both utilization and the quality of outpatient urologic surgery.

Mentoring and training young urologists: Ongoing surgical urology training in the Dominican Republic

NORFOLK, VA USA (Press Release) - July 15, 2014 - Urology surgeons, working as volunteers for Physicians for Peace (PFP), an international organization focusing on medical education in developing nations, recently completed a training mission in the Dominican Republic addressing identified health gaps facing Dominican urologists and their patients.

Urological diseases most frequently involved in medical professional liability claims - Abstract

Clinical safety and medical professional liability are international major concerns, especially in surgical specialties such as urology.

Longer nurse tenure on hospital units leads to higher quality care

NEW YORK, NY USA (Press Release) - April 14, 2014 -

Four-year study of VA hospitals also finds experienced nurses are most cost-effective

The Dramatic rise of social media in urology: Trends in Twitter use at the American and Canadian Urological Association annual meetings in 2012 and 2013 - Abstract

Purpose: Social media have become established as tools for rapid information dissemination to a broad audience.

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